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Happy cycling

It’s been a while since I posted anything about knitting.  There’s a very good reason for that: it’s been a while since I had anything worth posting about knitting.  I’m still ploughing away on the Checkers scarf (when will it END?), although my use of the verb ‘ploughing’ suggests a degree of activity and energy that really is lacking in my knitting at the moment.  This happens from time to time, and I’m slowly learning not to worry about it.  Like any of my other creative interests, my passion for knitting comes and goes in cycles.  Cycling over and over, while my mind pedals happily through knitting, cooking, writing, and anything new that’s tickling my fancy.  I used to really freak out about this. I’d get to the end of a big knitting binge, having convinced myself that this truly was my creative path, and that my spirit would follow the word of the yarn and no other; and then one morning I’d wake up with zero interest in knitting.  Nothing can tempt me: not fancy-pants cables, not simple and elegant socks, not even really sexy cashmerino.  And it would frighten me; having given my heart to the yarn, how could I suddenly turn cold?  I usually find that this lull in knitting is coupled with an increase in cooking or writing or playing the clarinet, so I focus on those for a while.

But it happens with all my creative outlets.  I cycle through periods of excitement and ennui, and I suspect everybody does, and I think the trick is to roll with it.  When you’re feeling creative, go with it and make the most of it, produce as much as you can.  When you’re feeling less productive, let it go. Find whatever else is going to scratch your itch and wait for the cycle to swing around again.  I’m already finding Ravelry more interesting than I have in a while, so I think the cycle’s picking up.

This post ended up being way more philosophical than I had originally intended.

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