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On a jaunt!

On a whim, M and I trucked off to the South Coast this weekend.  It was awesome.  On Friday, we both knocked off work at midday (oh, the decadence!), packed my little car with as much knitting, food and wine as it could carry, and descended the Clyde to the South Coast.  Turn right at Bateman’s Bay and straight on ’til morning.  We headed to a self-contained cottage called The Stay, somewhere between Tilba Tilba and Narooma.  Other Canberrans will be familiar with these terms, and a drive down the Clyde is something of a minor rite of passage for all new drivers.  (Shame it’s taken me years to get around to it.) It was awesome.

tilba-champagne-1.JPGI’ve been to B&Bs that were simply awful: you check in, and the next thing you know you’re sipping tea from fluted, gold-rimmed teacups, admiring pictures of the owner’s children during their ‘spotty’ phase.  Yikes.  Remind me to tell you about that particular evening, sometime.  The Stay was the opposite: they let you in, provide you with a fridge and pantry full of breakfast-cooking things, have a chat, let you meet their dogs, then leave you to your own devices.  I loved every second of it.

We headed into Tilba Tilba, walked up the street, walked back down the street, and then, having expired all options for entertainment in an incredibly beautiful and charming, but tiny, coastal village, we hit the ABC Cheese Factory outlet and bought cheese from a woman who managed to convey that she disapproved of cheese on general principles. But we got a lot of cheese, so who cares?

It doesn’t take much for me to enjoy a weekend away: it turns out all I need is beautiful scenery, an abundance otilba-champagne-3.JPGf wine, some good cheese, and a chance to dick about in the kitchen.  Also, I need Amateur Cocktail Hour.  And a pleasant companion to chatter away with.

This was M’s concoction: there was a delicious fruit platter available for our consumption while we were in residence at The Stay, and we halved a passionfruit. We already had the champagne, so adding a delicious, flavoursome, tangy passionfruit was an obvious choice.  Unbelievably delicious, particularly when enjoyed while sitting in the sun, cooking a new recipe and admiring the view.  And, I must say, it matched particularly well with the heavenly Tilba Cheese.

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