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…and breathe.

It’s done. I’ve finished my exams for the semester.  They were tough, and the week of solid study leading up to them was pretty cruddy, but they’re done.  Now I just sit back and forget everything I learned, ready to be surprised when I get my results.  On Friday night, I came home and sat down, and promptly burst into tears at the prospect of  yet more study.  M came home and found me dolefully churning through the last set of notes I needed to digest before the exam, and staged an intervention:

The Intervention
That is, in M’s exotic bar-speak, a ‘pineapple drink’.  Pineapple, pineapple juice, gin, orange juice and lots of ice, whirred together until it’s all cold and foamy.  You can’t see it in this picture, but M has garnished my glass with a plastic sticky note, in the absence of any cocktail umbrellas. We decided that, instead of Friday night being a finish-off-the-study night, it would be a fruity cocktail night!  It was totally worth it.

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