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Cracking the Whip

UFOs, ten-SHUN!

From the right!


Yarn: A gorgeous baby alpaca/silk blend I picked up during our trip to Adelaide last year. Black and soft, soft, soft.

Pattern: Sahara, by Wendy Bernard from Knit and Tonic.

Beautiful design, fantastic sleeves. I can’t rave enough about those sleeves; that sleeve cap (pictured, poorly, right) is genius. Body completed; one and a half sleeves and the lace neckline remain. My Sahara isn’t going to be as deliciously slinky as the ones pictured on Stitch Diva, but it’s going to be soft and floaty.

Fell to the back of the queue when a jaunt to wintry Europe demanded scarves, gloves and hats galore. Then got shoved in a bag and into the stash cupboard when I needed to tidy the knitting shelf. Here’s a close-up of the hem:

It was a grand day when I discovered the macro function on my little camera.

Purple Olive

Yarn: Paton’s Merino Supreme, in Eggplant

Pattern: The Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie. (It’s the green one at the top).

Not sure where the Yoga comes into it, unless it’s the cabled symbol on the back. If that’s the case, where does the Olive Branch come into it? Doesn’t matter. Gorgeous pattern, and an easy knit; easy to fit to size, too, since it’s knit from the hood down.

Hood and most of the sleeves completed (sleeves haven’t been cast off, because I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them — also I may narrow them if I get desperately low on yarn again.

I’ve been pretty good with this one; lost momentum when I got sick and again when I ran low on yarn and got too scared to keep knitting it in case I ran out and had to face frogging the hood (which I’ve said I’d do all along, if I ran out of wool…I really don’t want to). Now that I’ve received a yarn infusion, and I’m not really sick anymore, there’s nothing stopping me charging ahead.

Desert Monkeys

Yarn: Jojoland Quartette, from eBay

Pattern: Cookie A’s Monkeys

Oh, how I love these socks. We won’t go over all that again, you can go back and read the post if you want. But I love love love them. One sock completed, the second sock simply requiring three more pattern repeats, ribbing and a kitchener cast off. I hope to have them finished by this weekend, which will require an evening of sitting and working diligently. I’m sure I can carve that out somewhere. I’m not even going to post more photos of them, because I know you can look at the previous posts on the matter.

Company AT EASE!

I feel pretty good getting this list down, since it makes me realise I’m a bit more on top of things than I feel. I really want to finish both Sahara and the Purple Olive, because they’re awesome patterns and I want the finished products. (Oops, I just remembered there’s one more project in the UFO brigade, but I’m not going to blag about because it’s a gift for someone — but there’s a looong way to go on that one. That one mayn’t even survive to adulthood. Ergo, it doesn’t count.) So it’s time to push on and finish these puppies; get them off the needles and into the world, and make room for some new projects that I’m trying not to get distracted by.

Time to crack the whip.

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