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Outclassed by my yarn.

A present? For me? How delightful! My yarn arrived from o’er the seas — traveling first class, no less!

The first class bag of yarn that arrived for me was a result of my panic regarding running out of yarn for Purple Olive. I did a search on Ravelry’s Yarns database, and found another Raveler who had a single ball, in my colour, available for sale or trade. A few messages and a PayPal purchase later, and a lone ball of Purple-Olive-to-be was winging its way towards me by the end of the following day.

Good ol’ Ravelry. I know I’m hardly the first person to mention that site, but seriously; I mean seriously. That’s an awesome site. Jess and Casey, the couple who kicked the whole thing off, have clearly got brains and business sense, and they’ve created a magnificent tool for knitters and crocheters all over the Interweb. Every time I discover something new about it, it blows my mind all over again. Those guys deserve bags and bags of success.

I can never work out if the best bit is cataloguing all my stuff, or the groups, or the patterns database, or the yarns database…there’s just so much to it that it’s incredible.

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