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Sock Love

This is the best sock I’ve ever knitted. Nothing about them went wrong. The toe is smooth and snug, the pattern gorgeous, and the bind-off elastic and springy. They’re magnificent. I couldn’t take a picture of them on my feet that would do justice to how excellent these puppies are, so you get a rumpled, tousled ‘on-the-needles’ look instead. Kinda sexy, no?

I don’t think that’s overstating the matter, although I could be jinxing things by discussing the matter out loud. Due to some pretty rad dedication on my part, the first sock was finished by Sunday morning, the ribbing finished while M brought another hot batch of croissants out of the oven for his family to celebrate Mothers’ Day.

I secretly hoped these socks would be ready as a Mothers’ Day present, even though I haven’t seen my particular mother today. (Hi Mum!)

They’re perfect in every way. My Mum has the same sized foot as me, so I tried them on as I went. The pattern is actually based on Cookie A’s Monkeys, but the combination of toe-up and the yarn I’m using kinda changes the impact of the pattern. That’s okay, though, because I think it still looks pretty good. I’m calling them Desert Monkeys; the colourway makes me think of the desert and the broad blue sky.

I can’t believe how much I love these socks. I’ve already weighed the yarn to estimate if I’ll have enough for a pair of footlets for me when I’m finished Mum’s socks (I will). That short row heel at the back there is a work of art, ART I tell you! I’ve had some bad luck with short row heels, where the heel is too snug to even slide up the foot or is twisted weirdly to one side. But not this baby. Seriously, the pictures don’t do this sock justice. It’s soft (20% cashmere, that’s how soft), springy and light, with excellent stitch definition and colours that glow in the sunlight. I couldn’t ask for more for a present for someone as lovely as my Mum. I’m not sure she reads the blag, so I’m going to write up a little scroll or sock casing with the sock’s biography, raving over its many virtues and urgently reminding her that it must be hand-washed.

One of my Mum’s finest qualities is that she appreciates handmade gifts. An avid and extremely talented seamstress herself, she knows the tears and love that go into a handcrafted accomplishment. I know she’ll take the time to hand-wash the cashmere lace socks I’ve knitted her, and she’ll love them every time she slips them on. Onya Mum, and thanks for all the fish.

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