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Dis. Aster.


Spent the day working on Purple Olive, which is going beautifully thank you very much. I’m a bit worried the sleeves are going to be a little baggy after the elbow, so I haven’t cast them off. But I was tidying the stash today, and happened to pull out the bag containing all my Purple-Olive-To-Be yarn, and…
…bugger. That’s a ball and a half, and I’ve still got the entire lower body — that is, everything after the armpits — to do.

Luckily, I found some skerricks of yarn in some old swatches; I’ve unravelled them and washed them. They’ll be ready to work up tomorrow. And I’ve found someone on Ravelry who has a single ball for sale, so hopefully I can get my hands on one last ball. If the worst comes to it, I’ll unravel the hood and turn it into a collared, zip-up jacket rather than a hoodie.

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