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Random Wednesday!

{Random 1}

I had a flu shot on Monday, and it’s knocked me about a bit. One of the things you’re supposed to learn with Addison’s is to support your immune system consciously. Normally, after a vaccination, your immune system starts chugging away, making the required antibodies to make you immune to whatever your shot was against — in order to this, it needs a little extra cortisol. The adrenals normally step up to the plate on this one and provide, but mine are stuffed and I have to take extra tablets. I didn’t yesterday, and consequently drifted through the day like an irritable noodle.

Today I managed to pull it together and took some extra, and I feel much more alert and useful, but generally cranky. As if it’s an insult for people to dream of asking my help (or, you know, expect me to do my job or make my own lunch) when I should really be getting on with…well, I don’t know. Staring at the keyboard, there’s a job that needs doing.

So! A random post! I wasn’t sure how long I’d hold out in the blog department before I resorted to one of these, so that’s that question answered (churning through ’em!).

{Random 2}

My Bendigo Wool Mills order arrived, huzzah! This was awesome: following the shocking realisation that I didn’t have that much yarn (shut up) available for whim and impulse, I made a few sizable purchases. My Cascade 220 order we’ve already admired, and now it’s the turn of my Bendigo Babies. Look at those balls! Massive! I love those big balls! (That should scare up a few more Google search results.) There’s between 800 and 1000 metres of each colour, so that’s enough for some little, snug-fitting sweaters for yours truly, which is nice.

I love it when Internet shopping arrives. I love it even more if it arrives one afternoon, after a tiring day at work, the house is just starting to warm up and the Autumn wind is blowing…

{Random 3}
Now that Wintergreen has made her triumphant debut, I’m realising that a scarf does not a winter wardrobe make. I needs me some woolly tops! And that means it’s time to turn my attention back to the Purple Olive, who has been resting while I waited for the appropriate DPNs for the sleeves to arrive. And now they’re here, and Purple Olive sleeves are zooming ahead.

I’d forgotten how buttery soft this yarn was, how deliciously smooth plain stockinette is, and how springy and light this hoodie will be when I’m done. Feeling the love.

{Random 4}

Turning my thoughts to socks: there’s a lot of sexy sock patterns out there, and I’m not knitting enough of them. I suspect this is part of my recent “I don’t own any handknit garmets! Holy CRAP how did that happen?!” moment, because the fact is I am wearing through my cheap socks at a rate of knots, and I would like some woolly goodies for cold toesies.

{Random 5}

I am craving sushi like there is no manana. Unfortunately, in order to obtain said sushi, I have to either (a) go into Woden plaza, which is a personal purgatory; or (b) walk to the shops in my lunchbreak. That’s been out of the question this week (see Random 1) and so my life is still, tragically, sushi-less. Sometimes life is so, so hard.

{Random 6}

Today is the first day since I got sick that I’ll be doing this:

And I’m a bit nervous. I haven’t touched her for nearly 9 weeks, and I’m feeling her reproachful glances.

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