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May I present: Wintergreen! (Modelled here on the ever-photogenic Mozart.)

This is probably the fastest thing I’ve ever completed. It’s beautiful. I cast on Thursday afternoon, worked pretty steadily on it over the ANZAC Day long weekend — a day of loafing about with my parents followed by a day of loafing about with M’s parents turns out to be the ideal knitting scenario — and finished it Monday night. I love her to pieces; she’s so soft and light and fluffy on my neck. She doesn’t itch, doesn’t shed and doesn’t go all saggy looking.

When I first cast on, I was a little hesitant, because the yarn looked like it was going to stripe terribly, so much so that it would be a defining characteristic. “Can you pass me my green scarf?” I’d say, and my friends would say “Oh, you mean the stripey one?” But it all came out nicely in the end, didn’t it?

I haven’t blocked her yet, because I badly, badly wanted to wear her today and feel warm and cheerful at work.

FO Report

Pattern: My So-Called Scarf — I like this pattern; very simple and easy to memorise, but very effective.

Yarn: A handspun merino I picked up at the Gorman House Markets in March. It was a warm, sticky day and I was eating gelati; the cool greens appealed. Now they remind me of spring.

Mods: Yarn substitution. Thought about a fringe, then decided there was enough happening visually without it.

As a bonus, to celebrate Wintergreen’s completion, I present an essay in pictures called The Life of the Centre-Pull Ball.




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