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Food, glorious food, and also photos thereof. And such.

My laptop cable is here now. There’s going to be a lot of photos in this post.

I’ve missed my laptop so much. M has let me use his computer and laptops while the Mac has been indisposed, but it’s not the same. Anyway, just because the laptop’s been AWOL, doesn’t mean I’ve been slack. During my week off sick, following my discharge from hospital, things were pretty damn boring. But not pointless — I did some cooking.

I made cookies! Delicious, chewy M&M cookies. They were splendid, as well as a perfect way to use up the huge quantitities of M and/or M’s that I had in a bowl (M brought me three bags full while I was in hospital. He’s great.).

Wanna see more cookies? Try to ignore the filthy oven, landlords. Mmm, tasty cookies. They were perfect, too. The blend of brown and white sugar gave a subtle caramelised flavour, and the crispy shells on the M&Ms remained crunchy and tasty. I loved them.

Also, I made bread! First time I’ve ever made bread, and I saw no reason to be cautious or even mildly restrained. Full-on, delicious, spinach and cheese bread. I made sure I used all the cheeses I could get my hands on: marinaded feta, cream cheese, shredded mozzarella and parmesan, all mixed with some minced spinach and a little salt and pepper. Oh yes. It took ages to rise — the only reason I was patient enough to let it rise properly is that I had forgotten it was in the bread-maker, rising away happily for nearly three hours. I stuck it into the oven as soon as it was risen and presto:

Beautiful, isn’t she? I kept ducking into the kitchen and gloating over it, refusing to cut it until I was satisfied it had cooled enough to be safely sliced — no squishing!

And, oh, wasn’t it delicious? A perfectly even, well aired, fluffy, light bread, riddled with cheesey goodness and tasty spinach. It was heaven. Delicious toasted, spread with goat’s cheese and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Or even just with slices of blue cheese. Oh, I was so proud. I thought about getting t-shirts printed with “I Made The Bread” across the boobs, but then I ate all the bread. Delicious.

M and I are preparing for a tea party! We’ve been cooking up a storm, getting some splendid things ready for my “I’m Not In Hospital Anymore!” party with some chums. I’ll take some photos to show off the platters of heavenly food we’ve prepared. (You should see M’s pumpkin pie. Exquisite.)

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