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Bad Dreams, Tight Jeans

I don’t get bad dreams all that often. I get lurid and bizarre ones from time to time, as well as ones so beautiful and melodic that I don’t want to wake up. I sometimes have lovely happy dreams that leave me floating on Cloud Nine for the rest of the day. But I had two bad dreams the other night.

The first was that I was all bloated and sick, and that M had invited coworkers and friends around to give me injections. I was sad, scared and embarrassed. That was horrible. I woke up shortly after with very bad indigestion, which I think may have been related. The second bad dream I had was that I was in hospital again, and my hands had swollen up hugely, but I couldn’t get any of the nurses to help me. They kept leading me off into dangerous places (like the drying-out room for junkies, who all tried to get me) and leaving me there. It was very scary.

Of course, they’re ludicrous. I knew that as soon as I woke up. We don’t need to get our nation’s top pyschologists on them. Simple anxiety dreams brought on by a combination of indigestion and memories of my stay in hospital. Man, did they suck.

And the tight jeans? Well, hospital food is terrible, so I was basically mainlining M&Ms the whole time I was there. When I got home, I was feeling a little bored and tired, and so chowing down even more M&Ms seemed logical. And we’ve had huge servings of curry two nights in a row now, so I feel like I’ve eaten an awful lot of food lately.

I promise you that this blog will soon get back to its two favourite topics: knitting and cooking. My laptop power cable is brokened, so there are no pictures to upload yet. Have no fear, I’m still knitting and cooking. I’m still working on the Olive Branch Hoodie, in dark purple. The Purple Olive! The sizing is a bit screwy: it goes 34″, 38″, 42″, etc. etc. Apparently bust sizes come in units of four inches. I’m in between 34″ and 38″, such that neither is much good. Luckily, it’s a top-down raglan, so I’m just bunging a few more increase rounds in and making it a bit more accurate. I’m at that comfortable point in proceedings where I think I’ll have enough wool, but I’m not really certain. It’s lovely wool, though; a springy, buttery merino. Luvly.

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