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Cabin Fever

I go back to work on Monday morning. This is a break with a three-week tradition at this stage, and frankly, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll bet I’ll be ready to chuck it all in by lunchtime on the first day. But even that will be a welcome change from the immaculate ennui that I’m experiencing at home every day. I’ve had about all the washing up I can handle, and I’m snacking voraciously between meals out of, mostly, boredom. I had no idea I got bored so easily. If anyone asked, I would have said I had a rich inner life. But clearly, lack of stimulation pretty much wrecks me. I end up kicking the furniture and whining about having nothing to do.

And is there anything more tedious in the world than ‘running errands’? All week, I’ve had odd jobs to do in relation to getting out of hospital: GP appointment, procuring all my meds, arranging for a MedicAlert bracelet, letting friends know, etc. etc. And doing the groceries and what have you — and by Christ it’s boring. You spend an hour or so walking around shops ‘running errands’ and by the end of it, the most you can hope for is that you no longer have any errands to run. I’m bloody sick of it. I think I’d make the worst stay-at-home Mum (or primary caregiver, or homemaker, or whatever) in the whole world. The house would be immaculate but I’d be biting chunks out of the carpet. And since this is a rental property, we’d lose the bond. Hopefully it’s all done with now. I mean, as much as errands are ever done with.

The first day after I was out of hospital, my Mum came and spent the day with me. It was lovely. She took me to the supermarket and pushed the trolley for me, while I looked around nervously and shied at loud noises. She sat and gossiped with me and even let me show her all my yarn. There’s not many people I can show my yarn stash, so I’m always grateful for an appreciative audience. And since her fabric stash can outstrip my yarn stash any day, I think she understands. Mums are pretty great.

I don’t know what to expect when I get back to work. Whenever I’ve missed this much work, it’s always been planned (like for holidays) and I’ve got people taking care of things. This time, it’s just been “I’m not coming in. Deal with it.” I think it’ll be fine, but part of me is always a wee bit anxious that everyone’s going to be cross with me for taking so much time off — or, worse, hasn’t noticed. I think it stems from the time I got sacked from a summer job for taking time off sick. Good times.

I’ve been knitting pretty steadily while off sick. Actually, I need to hunt down the pattern for the purple hoodie I’m working on. I remembered I was supposed to make raglan increases for umpteen rows, but I can’t remember how many, and I’ve just been continuously working the increases while I look for the pattern. At this rate, I’m going to have a splendid leg-of-mutton sleeve hoodie. So chic! No photos yet because a) the laptop cable is in the post and b) it’s too, too boring. Seriously. Acres of purple stockinette with raglan increases? Who cares? Wait till I get to the cables. Then we’re talking excitement! Zazz!

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